PPKEPazmany Peter Katolikus Egyetem (Hungarian)
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Partial Private Key Extraction (PPKE) or Key Extraction (KE) Queries.
Otherwise, C first executes Corruption query and PPKE query with [ID.sub.i] to obtain [mathematical expression not reproducible], performs PPUKE query with [mathematical expression not reproducible], and then executes [mathematical expression not reproducible] algorithm to return the signcryption [sigma] = (C, U, V).
PPKE: This algorithm that is also performed by the KGC takes the system parameters params, master-keys and a user's identity [ID.sub.i] as input, and outputs the user's partial private key [D.sub.i].
PPKE: This algorithm takes params and [U.sub.i]'s identity [ID.sub.i] [member of] [{0,1}.sup.*] as input, the KGC computes [Q.sub.i] = [H.sub.1]([ID.sub.i]) [member of] [G.sup.*], and outputs the partial private key [D.sub.i] = [Q.sup.s.sub.i] for[ .sub.Ui].