PPLAPlanned Parenthood of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
PPLAProfessional Photographers of Louisiana (Marksville, LA)
PPLAPlanned Permanent Living Arrangement (custody status; various locations)
PPLAProfessional Photographic Laboratories Association (UK)
PPLAPharmaceutical Printed Literature Association (Falls Church, VA)
PPLAPagan Pride Los Angeles (religious organization; California)
PPLAPay Period Leave Adjustment
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He said a draft of proposals based on PPLA demands was developed by a four-member committee headed by HED Additional Secretary Tanveer Jabbar, in consultation with the stakeholders.
Speaking on the occasion, Divisional President PPLA Tahir Islam said, "In response to our public protests in Lahore, PPLA along with HED had devised a comprehensive summery for accepting of their Charter of Demands.
PPLA off the shoulder top, $55; Articles of Society white flare jeans, $74; Tat2 beaded pendant necklace, $250; Tat2 long feather necklace, $275.
A PPLA may be granted when a taxpayer has no assets or equity in assets, the equity is insufficient to secure a loan, or liquidation would impose an economic hardship.
PPLA and several public schools signed an agreement allowing for ten high schools to participate in the formal study.
With the 2006 deadline for lifting the moratorium only a little more than a year away, PPLA is urging the FDA to resurrect its MedGuide proposal and to finalize its rules as quickly as possible.
The PPLA is demanding the acceptance of agreed upon draft which includes time-scale promotions, allocation of quota for MPhil and PhD scholarships for college teachers, and opposition to privatisation of public-sector colleges by making BoGs.
He said if just demands of PPLA will not be accepted then all Professors and Lecturers will start unending protest in Lahore till their demands will be met.
Faux fur vest from PPLA Clothing, $96, and red top from Softworks, $52; Castles, 534 Brookway Blvd, Brookhaven, 601.
Delivery of 4 fire trucks to complete emergency system for storage and transport of oil - (CAS 20, CAS 30, TA, PPLA pursuant to Decree No.
PPLA President Muhammad Ilyas Qurashi condemned the government's decision to appoint BoGs.
A resolution was passed by teachers at a PPLA meeting at the Government Postgraduate College on Friday.