PPLDParti Pour La Décroissance (French)
PPLDPalatine Public Library District (Palatine, IL)
PPLDPoughkeepsie Public Library District (Poughkeepsie, NY)
PPLDPolo Public Library District (Illinois)
PPLDPlainfield Public Library District (Plainfield, IL)
PPLDPike's Peak Library District
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We were going to allow Friends volunteers to enter data in Drupal, but we ultimately decided against it for two reasons: The cost of training volunteers to update PPLD.
PPLD libraries are integrated into the new Friends site with library-specific information included in the library pages on PPLD.
Losinki, PPLD director, Unicorn and iBistro will enable PPLD to continue its tradition of providing users with immediate access to the materials and resources they need, both within the library and from electronically accessible sources.
PPLD IT officer Bob Pasicznyuk said: "While there are several credible library systems, only SIRSI's iBistro e-library offered elegant solutions to meet our customers' expectations.
professional insurance broker, and assist PPLD in the process of selection of insurance companies for the
Purpose: The PPLD desires to bid an expansion of our existing WiFi System.
The objective of this RFP is to identify a service provider(s) capable of meeting the inter-connectivity requirements between the PPLD facilities.
PPLD has an employee base of 448 full and part-time staff, and
PPLD is recognized for its commitment to diversity and community