PPLIPrivate Placement Life Insurance
PPLIPrecise Participant Location and Identification
PPLIPennsylvania Preparedness Leadership Institute
PPLIProvisioning Parts List Index
PPLIPositive Position Locating Information
PPLIPancreatic Polypeptide-Like Immunoreactivity
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After reviewing the parameters of the existing JTIDS network library, SPAWARSYSCEN Pacific released a revised version of the software, ensuring that a PPLI relay feature was entered and activated.
18) For instance, Bermuda and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas have each developed a substantial legal and commercial infrastructure for PPLI products.
With Jeannine's leadership, we aim to design a PPLI initiative that will work toward the integration of our various roles in life so that our lawyers are happier, more productive and thus better able to serve our clients notwithstanding the challenges of life in the 21st Century.
On July 16, 2012, The Hartford completed the sale of the private placement life insurance unit that administers the company's PPLI book of business; this sale does not include the liabilities for the company's in-force PPLI book of business.
Supply of anti-TNF drugs for PPLI centers of Granada.
Equipment maintenance key service and high-technology bound for various Health Centres PPLI linked to Malaga.
The long-established event was re-designed for 2010 with a new focus on the use of PPLI as a wealth management, tax planning and asset protection tool for family offices and ultra-affluent individuals.
This role includes: 1) lead author and editor for "The PPLI Solution: Delivering Wealth Accumulation, Tax Efficiency, and Asset Protection Through Private Placement Life Insurance" that will be published by Bloomberg Press in 2004, 2) an ongoing contributor (as of September 2004) to Trusts & Estates magazine, 3) main author for a PPLI article titled, "The Triple Crown of Managing Wealth: Wealth Creation, Tax Efficiency and Asset Protection published in Senior Consultant, 4) a frequent seminar speaker on PPLI portfolio construction, 5) author of a PPLI Investment Policy Document for use by investment and insurance advisors, and 6) portfolio analysis for hedge funds and venture capital.