PPLIPrivate Placement Life Insurance
PPLIPrecise Participant Location and Identification
PPLIPennsylvania Preparedness Leadership Institute
PPLIProvisioning Parts List Index
PPLIPositive Position Locating Information
PPLIPancreatic Polypeptide-Like Immunoreactivity
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The adolescent version of PPLI was previously validated with this population (Sum et al., 2018a).
If there are existing trusts in another state and a client wants to purchase PPLI in these trusts sitused outside of South Dakota to take advantage of the lower premium tax in South Dakota, a potential solution is for the client to form a South Dakota LLC with a resident co-managing member in South Dakota.
PPLI is a variable universal life insurance product designed to hold interests in various asset classes, including hedge funds, hedge funds of funds, and other "alternative investments." By covering these assets in an "insurance structure," PPLI has the power to convert highly inefficient taxable assets into favorable tax-efficient investments.
However, a number of requirements must be met for a PPLI policy to be respected as life insurance under U.S.
Webber, a successful private-equity investor, on the recommendation of his tax advisers, including William Lipkind, an estate-planning lawyer, purchased PPLI as one part of an overall estate plan.
This article examines the use of PPLI for income tax and estate planning.
In the E-2C, hardware indications of Coarse Sync were displayed without PPLI symbols, but two-way voice communications were possible using the voice circuit.
In the case of the AM and AK simulation runs, the average daily/monthly precipitation depends on the sum of cumulous precipitation (PPCI) plus large-scale precipitation (PPLI) in kg/[m.sup.2]/sec; the conversion to mm/day was made using the following ratio:
Link 16 periodically transmits a crypto-secured and precise participant location and identification (PPLI) report, a considerable improvement that can significantly reduce or prevent fratricide incidents.
PPLI stands for precise participant location and identification.
The SMLLC is a popular choice to own a private placement life insurance policy ("PPLI").
Private Placement Life Insurance--Layering Asset Protection Strategies for a Florida Resident: Private placement life insurance (PPLI) is an attractive asset protection and tax-efficient investment planning vehicle for Florida residents under the exemption set forth in [section] 222.14.