PPLMPath Payload Mismatch
PPLMPlanned Parenthood League of Massachusetts
PPLMProduct & Pricing Lifecycle Management
PPLMPharmaceutical Product Lifecycle Management
PPLMPeriodically Poled Lithium Niobate
PPLMPublic Procurement Law of Mongolia (est. 2000)
PPLMPennsylvania Power and Light Montana (utility)
PPLMProcess/Product Lifecycle Management
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Song Hoi-see, founder/CEO of PPLM, said, We will bring our extensive experience in developing, managing and operating airport lounges and transit hotels around the world to optimise the offerings and the valued-added services, making the airport experience seamless for all travellers going through Abu Dhabi International Airport.
Operating Costs: PPLM maintains a consistent operating cost profile.
Adequate Liquidity: PPLM has adequate liquidity to meet debt obligations.
Adequate Liquidity: PPLM has adequate liquidity to meet debt obligations as well as potential obligations rising from pending litigation regarding hydro rents against the state of Montana.
SME's contracted pricing averages 40% higher than Fitch's forecast of market prices, and failure of SME to honor its contract obligations could result in an increase in merchant power sales for PPLM that could materially reduce FCCRs.
PPLM owns, operates and leases a portfolio of 13 hydroelectric and coal-fired generating facilities with an aggregate capacity of 1,239 MW.
Prior to Conformia's PPLM solution, "state of the art" in most drug companies meant antiquated homegrown systems comprised of three-ring binders and mission critical data stored on desktops, making it hard for real-time analysis, modeling or visualization that required disparate data sources to be integrated.
After a protracted legal battle, PPLM settled with the Montana Department of Revenue (MDOR) concerning disputed property taxes.
Mercury rules have also been proposed in the Montana legislature, and PPLM may incur additional capital expenditures to achieve compliance.
Configuration Solutions' CS-Automotive and PPLM software solutions are designed to automate product and process costing and estimating, facilitate the management of engineering changes, and streamline program and project management for automotive parts suppliers.
0 times (x) over the long term as originally projected, absent any regulatory restrictions on the price PPLM receives for wholesale power.
The Company's stock is quoted on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol PPLM.