PPLNPeriodically Poled Lithium Niobate
PPLNProjection Pursuit Learning Network
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Liu, "A compact, widely tunable intracavity PPLN optical parameter oscillator driven by an Nd:YAG/Cr:YAG composite crystal laser," Laser Physics, vol.
Four different PPLN crystals and mirror sets in the OPO cavity are used to cover the entire wavelength range of 2.3-5.1 pm.
Miyazaki, "Tunable all-optical wavelength conversion of 160-Gb/s RZ optical signals by cascaded SFG-DFG generation in PPLN waveguide," IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol.
However, the phenomenon of a photorefraction is an essential limiting factor (Galutskiy, Vatlina, and Stroganova, 2009; Kolker, Dmitriev, Gorelick, Wong, and Zondi, 2009.), when using PPLN as a nonlinear and optical element in processes of obtaining radiation of the second harmonica of powerful continuous lasers for creation of a bright contrast picture in such appendices as projective television and others the device multimedia.
Due to wide conversion bandwidth (typically more than 50 nm) one OPC unit with periodically poled lithiumniobate (PPLN) waveguide is capable to conjugate multiple WDM channels.
This output can be used directly for calibrations in the IR, or it can be doubled in a PPLN crystal to provide a visible output.
Tribune News Network Doha As part of preparations for the Indonesian General Elections 2019, Indonesian Ambassador to Qatar, Air Marshal (Retd) HE Muhammad Basri Sidehabi on behalf of the General Election Committee (KPU) appointed and swore in the head, member, and secretariat of the local election committee abroad (PPLN), for Qatar recently.
We used a 3 mm-long 5 mol% MgO doped PPLN with single grating period of 31 [micro]m as the nonlinear crystal.
This paper discusses the key techniques used to implement these systems, which include polarization recovery, noise reduction, frequency up-conversion detection based on a periodically polled lithium nitrate (PPLN) waveguide, custom high-speed data handling boards and quantum network management.
The government through PPLN even forced manufacturing companies to change part of their operating hours from normal working days to Saturday and Sunday when PLN normally has idle capacity.