PPLNPeriodically Poled Lithium Niobate
PPLNProjection Pursuit Learning Network
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This output can be used directly for calibrations in the IR, or it can be doubled in a PPLN crystal to provide a visible output.
Transmittance of different components and overall detection efficiencies of the 1550 nm pump up-conversion detectors PPLN1 PPLN2 PC and WDM at 1310 nm 70% 74% Input coupling of PPLN at 1550 nm * 52% 71% Input coupling of PPLN at 1310 nm * 44% 59% Output coupling of PPLN at 710 nm * 92% 77% Filter before APD * 75% 88% APD efficiency at 710 nm * 70% 70% Overall efficiency 15% 20% *: These parameters are provided by the manufactures.
In previous work, the PPLN are pumped by continuous-wave (CW) light.
Second, the 1510 nm and 1590 nm light generate photons around 1310 nm via the anti-Stokes process and these non-linearly induced 13 10 nm photons will be up-converted to 710 nm in PPLN.
The government through PPLN even forced manufacturing companies to change part of their operating hours from normal working days to Saturday and Sunday when PLN normally has idle capacity.