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PPLOPleuropneumonia Like Organisms
PPLOPrivate Patient Liaison Officer (various locations)
PPLOPichia Pastoris Lysyl Oxidase (biochemistry)
PPLOPhuket Provincial Land Office (land transfer regulatory agency; Phuket, Thailand)
PPLOPlastic People's Liberation Organization (Tulsa, OK)
PPLOPa-O Peoples' Liberation Organization (Myanmar)
PPLOPlatform Port Low
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55%) showed mass turbidity and whirling movement in PPLO broth, which indicated positive growth of Mycoplasma.
Dilutions of the filtrate were then plated onto PPLO agar (Acumedia, Michigan, USA) to obtain isolated colonies.
After 10 days of incubation of PPLO broth, RCM and blood agr plates inoculated with the vaccine at 37oC no aerobic or anaerobic bacterial growth was observed.