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PPLOPleuropneumonia Like Organisms
PPLOPrivate Patient Liaison Officer (various locations)
PPLOPichia Pastoris Lysyl Oxidase (biochemistry)
PPLOPhuket Provincial Land Office (land transfer regulatory agency; Phuket, Thailand)
PPLOPlastic People's Liberation Organization (Tulsa, OK)
PPLOPa-O Peoples' Liberation Organization (Myanmar)
PPLOPlatform Port Low
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Out of total 900 cultured samples 176 (19.55%) showed mass turbidity and whirling movement in PPLO broth, which indicated positive growth of Mycoplasma.
Samples inoculated in mycoplasma growth medium (PPLO broth) showed whorl formation with turbidity which was detected in the presence of light.
With culture method, mycoplasma isolation was not achieved from any of these samples in a tube with PPLO liquid culture medium and/or PPLO solid culture media.
A total of 300 samples (the nasal discharge, pleural fluid and lung tissues) were collected at farms, herds and abattoirs from those suspected of CCPP, and were transferred to DifcoTM PPLO broth (Becton Dickinson, Sparks, MD, USA), and transported in ice box to our Mycoplasma reference laboratory at the Faculty of Animal and Veterinary Science, University of Agriculture, Peshawar.
The specimens were incubated in PPLO broth, enriched with 5% C[O.sub.2] in humid air at 37[degrees]C for 8-16 hours.
Policarpio said the PPLO should have informed the President that there was an intense Alvarez-Arroyo power but it decided to sit beside Alvarez at the Speaker's office.
Lactose, raffinose, and trehalose fermentation was assessed, using [S4074.sup.T] and [NM305.sup.T] as control strains, in PPLO broth (Difco) supplemented with 40 [micro]g/ml NAD, as described previously [1, 8].