PPLSPesticide Product Label System
PPLSPhilosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences (UK)
PPLSPre Paid Legal Services, Inc.
PPLSPlano Public Library System (Plano, TX)
PPLSProvincial Pharmacy Locum Services (UK)
PPLSPrinciples and Practice of Land Surveying (examination)
PPLSProject Portfolio Life Span (project management)
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For scenarios 5, 13, 17, 21, and 67, probabilities were based mostly on judgment, sometimes with a small amount of quantitative and/or descriptive data from the Kline reports, the literature, and the PPLS (U.
The lists were based on information from the Kline reports, the PPLS (U.
On a number of points regarding the effectiveness of PPLS 1, the PPAR concurs with the two earlier assessments, conducted separately by IDA and the national agencies, concluding that the project was relevant and that overall the results were satisfactory, considering that the project broke new ground in two complex areas and that Chad's sociocultural environment is difficult.
Miscellaneous In an assessment of PPLS 1, reference must be made to the Division of Population, not to a Department or Directorate of Population.
lt;<Rapport de Cinq Annees (1997-1998-1999-2000-2001-2002) d'Activites de PPLS I dans le Kanem/Bahr--El-Gazal.