PPLTProtected Permissive Left Turn (traffic control)
PPLTPeriodically Poled Lithium Tantalate
PPLTPool Primed Lymphocyte Test (molecular biology)
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Physically-backed: PPLT shares represent interest in physical platinum held in secure vaults located in London, U.
The interest in both PALL and its sister product, ETFS Physical Platinum Shares PPLT may indicate broader investor awareness to gain commodities exposure into more industrial-oriented metals at this juncture.
GLTR complements the existing four individual precious metals products ETF Securities offers to US investors - SIVR, SGOL, PPLT and PALL - and allows our clients to either hold each product individually or customize according to their investment outlook.
The interest in both PALL and its sister product, PPLT (Platinum) may indicate investors are looking to diversify their portfolios to hold more precious metals than just Gold"