PPLVPlace Publique Locale Vandoeuvre (French: Local Vandoeuvre Public Place; online journal; Vandoeuvre, France)
PPLVPreliminary Pollutant Limit Value
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db] of the NPTV barn was relatively higher than that of the PPLV barn, which was confirmed by the statistical analysis.
db], RH and THI during the first week of age for the PPLV (Figure 3A) and NPTV (Figure 3B) barns.
db], RH and THI for the day and night time conditions during the second week of life are shown in Figures 4A and 4B for the NPTV and PPLV barns, respectively.
db], RH and THI, for day and night time conditions, during the third week of life of chickens in NPTV and PPLV barns, respectively.