PPMAPProcurement Performance Measurement and Assessment Program (US DoD)
PPMAPPower Planning Modeling Application Procedure
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The PPMAP inspection resulted in a grade of "satisfactory" from NAVSUP and was scored overall as one of the best in the enterprise compared to other NAVSUP FLCs this year.
The astounding PPMAP results were a direct reflection of the diligence of the NAVSUP FLC Bahrain contracting team.
Our PPMAP results are a direct reflection of the dedication and hard work from an outstanding team of contracting professionals," said Cmdr.
The photo on the previous page shows the NAVSUP GLS PPMAP team reviewing contracts awarded by NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka and their operation in Sasebo, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines and all areas in the Western Pacific.
Just like the PPMAP, the logistics directorate has a tool that grounds independently managed oversight and planning with the processes and intent of leadership.