PPMCPhysician Practice Management Companies
PPMCPearson Product Moment Correlation (Coefficient)
PPMCProject and Portfolio Management Center (Hewlett-Packard Development Company)
PPMCProcessor PCI Mezzanine Card
PPMCPersatuan Pelajar Malaysia Cork (Malay: Cork Malaysian Student Association)
PPMCPrecambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic (geological time scale)
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4 Table 4 PPMC Analysis of relationship between the size of information sources (X1) and the use of library services (Y) PPMC Analysis of relationship between the size of information sources (X1) and the use of library services (Y) N [summation] [summation] [summation] [summation] Y X1 Y X1 1508 20705 17695 308427 225807 N [summation] r-value p df Decision YX1 1508 139400 0.
intensive care unit or not intensive care unit), length of hospital stay before culture, prior admission to HUP or PPMC within the past 30 days, Charlson index (22), and all-patient refined--diagnosis-related group (APR-DRG) classification.
The NIHSS was first used at PPMC in patient care as an assessment tool with the opening of a new neuroscience unit in fall 2003.
To explore the possible relationship between attitude and placement perceptions, a PPMC coefficient was calculated between the Attitude and Inclusiveness Scores.
No significant differences were observed in the performance of PPMC with respect to the behavior of WC.
Did PPMC management services provide value to the practices in their networks?
In many ways, that is what PPMC was -- a beginning, a place of spiritual beginnings.
PPMC, according to Kenneth Krieg, the company's chief executive officer.
27) Fraser Companies Limited and Subsidiary Companies, Annual Report (1970); <<Fraser Cos Earn More>>, dans la section <<Late News>>, PPMC, 17 juillet 1970, 14.
PPMC can be deployed on any Windows-compatible PC to provide control via standard IP networks of any Pixel Power graphics systems located on a local or wide area network.
PhyCor, one of the few remaining national physician practice management companies, recently sold off more than a dozen physician practices and took $200 million in new debt in a move that at least one analyst says could signal the end of the PPMC boom.
2,3) This announcement was the final nail in the coffin of the PPMC industry.