PPMCPipelines and Products Marketing Company (Nigeria)
PPMCPhysician Practice Management Companies
PPMCPearson Product Moment Correlation (Coefficient)
PPMCProject and Portfolio Management Center (Hewlett-Packard Development Company)
PPMCPodling Project Management Committee (Apache Software Foundation)
PPMCProcessor PCI Mezzanine Card
PPMCPersatuan Pelajar Malaysia Cork (Malay: Cork Malaysian Student Association)
PPMCPrecambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic (geological time scale)
PPMCPlay Pixelmon MC (gaming)
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With the authorities un- yielding, in light of the fact that doing so would also imply an acknowledgement that subsidies were being paid, PPMC became the sole importer of petrol.
97 million litres of white products were distributed and sold by PPMC in the month of November 2017 compared with 1.
Did PPMC management services provide value to the practices in their networks?
Since then the foreign companies have gradually lost ground to PPMC, the monopoly in charge of refining, distribution and marketing.
In many ways, that is what PPMC was -- a beginning, a place of spiritual beginnings.
PhyCor's retrenching follows the financial demise of FPA and MedPartners, its two chief competitors in the tumultuous PPMC market.
PPMC can be deployed on any Windows-compatible PC to provide control via standard IP networks of any Pixel Power graphics systems located on a local or wide area network.
Whether a practice is organized as a corporation or a partnership can make a big difference if a PPMC or IDS files for bankruptcy.
You recently featured an article entitled "The PPMC Debate" (July/August 1998, volume 24, issue # 4).
Enterprise Suite of Managed Care Solutions Will Provide PPMC with Competitive Advantage
During the past year, the PPMC industry has been plagued by bankruptcy filings, severe debt, and angry shareholders.
The physician practice management sector has fallen out of favor on Wall Street after a number of PPMC firms posted declining earnings and reported troubles in continuing their rapid growth rates.