PPMIPci Power Management Interface
PPMIPersaudaraan Pekerja Muslim Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian Muslim Workers Brotherhood)
PPMIProgram Project Management Initiative
PPMIPrivate Participation in Mediterranean Infrastructure
PPMIPro/Phase Marketing, Inc. (Eden Prairie, MN)
PPMIPan-Pacific Management Institute (China)
PPMIPersatuan Pelajar Mahasiswa Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian Student Council)
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The agreement calls for the BSP to provide continuing guidance to PPMI for alignment of its policies, standards and rules, while the PPMI undertakes to ensure proper implementation of the payment scheme principles through its policies, strategies and rules.
We obtained diffusion and T1- and T2-weighted MRI data from the PPMI database [16].
PPMI is investigating the connection between Parkinson's and reduced sense of smell, a common but little-noticed symptom of PD.
PPMI is assessing clinical and imaging data and biological samples of people with a genetic mutation to identify biomarkers and speed clinical studies.
We expect that the biomarkers we discover will help us better understand the disease and accelerate therapeutic trials, with the goal of assessing whether a drug can modify the progression of Parkinson's," PPMI primary investigator Dr.
Marek noted that the PPMI investigation and any others that join the federal program may uncover additional biomarkers.
Recruitment is the first second, and third issue in a study like this," said PPMI lead investigator Dr.
Carole Cook, Controller PPMI Construction Company Evansville, Ind.
The PPMI (Persatuan Pelajar dan Mahasiswa Indonesia di Mesir), the Indonesian Students' Association lodges, which were located in Bab al-Luq in the town centre, are now transferred to the Madinat Nasr district.
PPMI has been designed to validate biomarker candidates once enough preliminary evidence has been gathered to show that they have potential to serve as consistent and reliable biomarkers of Parkinson's disease.
Espenilla said PPMI will be a "reliable and invaluable ally" in the implementation of the NRPS framework which is expected to increase electronic payments to 20 percent by 2020 from its current usage of just one percent of total payments transactions.
Likewise the government has set aside Rs 100 million each for National Initiative for SDGs/Nutrition and PPMI Center of Excellence.