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PPMLPersonalized Print Markup Language
PPMLPublic Policy Mailing List (American Registry for Internet Numbers)
PPMLProstate Problems Mailing List
PPMLPersonalized Print Mark-up Language
PPMLPediatric Pain Mailing List
PPMLPersonal Pensions Management Ltd. (UK)
PPMLPrism Pole Magnetic Locator (survey equipment)
PPMLPaul Pratt Memorial Library (Cohasset, MA)
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Table 6: FDI augmented gravity model for exports; PPML Variables Gross Final Intermediate exports goods goods (1) (2) (3) Distance -0.
PPML can account for zeros in the trade data (16 observations in our data set).
These findings are confirmed after controlling for heteroscedasticity and zero trade flows using the Heckman and PPML estimation methods.
As it has been discussed previously, a PPML procedure has been chosen in order to treat adequately the proportion of zero observations in our dataset; that supposes around 8% of the bilateral exports.
Similarly, on the imports side, membership in the EU is statistically significant only in the PPML model and the corresponding coefficient is also smaller than in the same model for merchandise imports.
The shares jumped 1 1 /4p at 19 1 /4p as WMS added that it had also won a further pounds 600,000 of development work from its existing customer PPML, whose parent company is Credit Suisse Group, to enhance its LISA pensions system.
PPML, a unit of Credit Suisse, is the largest provider of self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs) to the insurance industry in the UK.
The new server is expected to be a powerful variable data printing (VDP) solution supporting professional third-party applications and languages, such as VPS and PPML, for producing personalized direct mailers, transactional data statements or marketing collateral with varying text, graphs or images on individual pages.
PPML managing director John Moret said of pounds 27 billion gap identified by the ABI study: 'To put that sum in perspective, it represents half as much again as the current amount saved.
The Fiery readily passed the most current PPML (Personalized Print Markup Language) testing and earned PODi (Print on Demand Initiative)'s newest interoperability certification.
EFI Fiery digital print servers readily passed new PPML (Personalized Print Markup Language) testing and earned PODi (Print on Demand Initiative)'s newest interoperability certification.
Fiery is now PPML certified and features Pantone Goe integration.