PPMMParts per Million by Mass (measurement)
PPMMPlanned Parenthood Mar Monte
PPMMPartes Por Mil Millones (Spanish: Parts per Billion)
PPMMProgressive Posttraumatic Myelomalacic Myelopathy (spinal cord disorder)
PPMMPrinceton Project Management Methodology (information systems development and purchase)
PPMMPolypropylene Microporous Membrane
PPMMPost-Polycythemia Myeloid Metaplasia
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He was commenting on a PPMM statement on August 23 which proposed states amend their enactments on administration and division of inheritance for Muslims to be placed solely under the jurisdiction of Syariah Court.
Such PPMM proved highly successful in resisting these high magnitude earthquake jolts.
Key Words: Prepackaged Polymer Modified Mortars (PPMM); Polymer Modified Mortars (PMM); Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM); Unmodified Mortar (UMM); Earth Quake Resistant Materials.
Afridi had also extensively studied polymer-modified cement systems (PMCS) including various PPMM and PMM [3].
Polypropylene macroporous membranes (PPMMs) with a porosity of 45-50% and an average pore diameter of 0.10 [micro]m were prepared [21], and benzyl dithiobenzoate (BDTB) was synthesized according to the literature [22].
The permeation properties of the unmodified and modified PPMMs were examined in a stirred dead-ended ultrafiltration test cell connected to a 2 L feed tank [24].
The PHEMA grafted PPMMs were submerged in the ZnO NPs ethanol dispersion for 24 h; ZnO NPs were physically adsorbed on the membrane surface [24].
'PPMM found it dubious that this was the reason given, because why withdraw only after the 36th day of the proceeding,' the group said in a statement.
PPMM said Syazlin's withdrawal has raised eyebrows and fuelled rumours that the AGC was trying to conceal information crucial to the proceeding.
PPMM president Datuk Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar said even though the authorities' decision to call for an inquest is well within the Attorney General's (AG) powers, such a move showed that the AG was still confused over Adib's death.