PPMOPeptide-Conjugated Phosphorodiamidate Morpholino Oligomer
PPMOProgressive Party of Missouri
PPMOProvincial Project Management Office (various organizations)
PPMOProlonged Perfusion with Membrane Oxygenation
PPMOPulse Position Modulation
PPMOPortfolio and Project Management Office
PPMOPotentially Pathogenic Micro-Organisms (microbiology)
PPMOPeople Piss Me Off
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The PPMO drug, made by the company AVI BioPharma, also carries a chemical marker designed to make it more easily absorbed by muscle tissue, so that it reaches the cells where it is needed.
This would help reinforce the policy reform processes and practices of PPMO including its own strengthening so that it can more effectively fulfill the mandated oversight functions.
The tender consists of two lots, namely:- Lot 1 concerns the health and safety services,- Lot 2 concerns the appointment inspections PPMO, driver examinations, inspections and divers (formerly SCBA) assessment officers and vaccinations (optional) for repressive employees and other employees at risk.
The Safety of Groningen wishes to conclude a framework agreement for the purpose of implementing Arbodienstverlening and conducting medical examinations for appointment and for the implementation of PPMO inspections.
The Safety Groningen wishes to conclude in favor of the implementation of Health and Safety Services a framework agreement and conducting medical examinations for recruitment and for the implementation of PPMO inspections.
The aim of the tender is that the client wants to go on the occupational health provider with a certified Health Service and PPMO.