PPMPPhilippine Population Management Program
PPMPPromotional Products Management Package
PPMPPawpet Megaplex (furry culture convention; now MegaPlex)
PPMPProfessional Practice Management Plan
PPMPPrecision Performance Motorcycle Parts (Australia)
PPMPpotassium phosphate magnesium phosphate
PPMPPhysiotherapy Practice Management Program
PPMPPeripheral Processor Message Processor (Nortel)
PPMPProfessional Practice Management Program
PPMPPredict, Prevent, Manage, and Promote (nursing)
PPMPPico Projection Media Player
PPMPPlanned Preventive Maintenance Program
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The electricity consumed by OM chillers, CT fans, CW pumps, PPMPs, and SPMPs is considered plant ChW electricity load while all other electricity consumptions, such as EP air-conditioning, air compressors, lighting, and plug loads, are non-plant electricity loads.
The electricity consumed by OM chillers, CT fans, CW pumps, PPMPs, and SPMPs is considered as plant ChW electricity load, while all other electricity consumptions are nonplant electricity loads.
PPMP contacted a priest in each of 125 dioceses and asked for a list of priests who were open to the evolution of a married priesthood.
After a year and five issues of Around the Table, PPMP folded.
As the return temperature is close to the ambient temperature and the PPMP head is much smaller than SPMP head, the temperature rise can be neglected:
The WTW efficiencies for PPMPs and condenser water pumps (CWPs) are
In February 2001, we mailed a questionnaire to the 264 network participants categorized as waived and PPMP sites.
Most waived and PPMP laboratories used independent (commercial) laboratories (53 percent) as their primary reference laboratory, and 68 percent of those using independent laboratories sent the work within 25 miles.
The report concludes with the OIG recommendations to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (formerly known as Health Care Financing Administration) regarding the noncompliance of waived and PPMP laboratories.
Included in a CMS response to the OIG recommendations, CMS stated it already had plans to conduct random on-site surveys of waived and PPMP laboratories.
With PPMP labs, the deficiencies ranged from not evaluating test accuracy to problems with microscope/centrifuge maintenance.
Quality testing problems were found in 48% of waived and 38% of PPMP laboratories.