PPMPPlanned Preventive Maintenance Program
PPMPPhilippine Population Management Program
PPMPParti Pirate Midi-Pyrénées (French: Pirate Party Midi-Pyrénées)
PPMPPetroleum Product Marketing Professionals (Nigeria)
PPMPPromotional Products Management Package
PPMPPawpet Megaplex (furry culture convention; now MegaPlex)
PPMPProfessional Practice Management Plan
PPMPPrecision Performance Motorcycle Parts (Australia)
PPMPpotassium phosphate magnesium phosphate
PPMPPhysiotherapy Practice Management Program
PPMPPeripheral Processor Message Processor (Nortel)
PPMPProfessional Practice Management Program
PPMPPredict, Prevent, Manage, and Promote (nursing)
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She said local government are obliged to promote the PPMP, thus all the accomplishments of the nominees will be screened and evaluated properly to identify the qualified local officers for the inter-regional awarding.
The PPMP specifies a format that allows [for the] capture of data required to do performance analysis of production facilities.
SPMP SPMP overall efficiency [[eta].sub.spmp] 75% SPMP design flow rate [V.sub.spmp] 8,000 PPMP PPMP overall efficiency [[eta].sub.ppmp] 80% PPMP head [H.sub.ppmp] 80 Chiller CHLR coefficient 0 [C.sub.0] -2.81E-01 CHLR coefficient 1 [C.sub.1] 1.02E+01 CHLR coefficient 2 [C.sub.2] 1.74E+03 CHLR coefficient 3 [C.sub.3] 2.71E-03 CHLR cond.
Three hundred sixty-four (41.8%) samples tested between 15 and 50 PPMP (medium to medium-high) and one hundred seventy-one (19.6%) samples tested greater than 50 PPM P (high).
De acuerdo con lo que hasta ahora se ha definido con relacion a los proyectos, sus actividades de nivel superior e inferior, y con los recursos tratados igualmente en ambos niveles del PPMP se puede decir que:
They mailed a letter explaining PPMP to 1,439 priests and asked for their financial support to launch this initiative; 120 responded with $6,500.
Table : Table 3 - phenolic antioxidant concentration profile (ppmp polyol) TC #1 TC #4 TC #7 TC #10 TC #13 to #3 to #6 to #9 to #12 to #15
Makinano emphasized that the interrelationship between gender and population matters have been continu-ously taken into account in implement-ing the Philippine Population Manage-ment Program (PPMP) through the Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning (RPFP), Adolescent Health and Development (AHD), and Popu-lation and Development (POPDEV) Integration.
Results of Single-Variable Sensitivity Study kWh Usage [T.sub.chw] [T.sub.App] = [V.sub.cw] = Change =37.0 5.0 [degrees] 11,000 gpm [degrees] F F (2.8 (0.694 (2.8 [degrees] C) [m.sup.3]/s) [degrees] C) CHLR 1.1% -88,228 -0.9% -78,075 -0.9% CT -0.1% -284 12.2% 63,705 -0.1% CWP -1.0% -6596 -1.0% -6596 -2.8% PPMP -0.3% -1028 -0.8% -2449 -0.8% SPMP 4.3% 13,894 0% 0 0% Total -82,242 -23,414 (kWh) kWh Usage Change CHLR -70,625 CT -755 CWP -19,564 PPMP -2449 SPMP 0 Total -93,393 (kWh) If the cooling tower approach decreases by 1.0[degrees]F (0.6[degrees]C), the chiller will consume 0.9% less electricity due to a lower CW entering temperature.