PPMRPublic Performance and Management Review (est. 1975)
PPMRPapago Park Military Reservation ( Arizona National Guard Facility)
PPMRPre-Positioned Materiel Receipt
PPMRProject Performance Manpower Review
PPMRPosterior Papillary Muscle Repositioning (mitral valve repair)
PPMRPortable Personal Medical Record (chip card)
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To show the appropriateness of the four techniques, the PPMR [greater than or equal to] 0.
The chi-square test shows that the number of PPMR [greater than or equal to] 0.
0520 item 38 (1 item) Table 3 PPMR between phi and [r.
Neither J-PART nor PPMR has yet had a female editor in chief.
In contrast, the three measures used to assess women's scholarly contributions to public administration during the 1990s, signal that they are still not participating fully in this aspect of ASPA and of the profession: (1) on average, 33 percent of all annual national conference participants were women; (2) women authored/co-authored an average of 29 percent of PAR articles per year, and an average of 25 percent of articles a year in PPMR and J-PART; (3) women accounted for 28 percent of PAR's editorial board in 1998 and 33 percent of the editorial boards of PPMR and J-PART.
Compared to the other journals on the list, PAP, A&S, and ARPA, along with PPMR PAQ, and IJPA, appear to be targeted to the broadest audiences.
PPMR, PAQ, and ARPA were also ranked in the top six, having means of 2.
The journal PPMR appears in the top ten list in four fields (except public policy, while A&S, ARPA, and PAQ appear in each of the top ten rankings for general public administration, personnel, and organization studies.