PPMTPre and Post Massage Test (urology)
PPMTPrenylated Protein Carboxyl Methyltransferase
PPMTParallel Path Magnetic Technology (QM Power Inc.)
PPMTPre & Post Mail Tension (computer email)
PPMTPlanned Parenthood of Montana, Inc. (Billings, MT)
PPMTPay Pool Management Tool
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While I frequently use PMT to calculate loan payments or PPMT and IPMT to build amortization tables, I had never really used CUMPRINC before.
The first is to use the PPMT function: =PPMT($B$4/12,$A9,$B$3,-$B$2).
Kevin Humes, CEO of AVA commented "We believe that PPMT will be able to help our veterans capitalize on government, commercial and international opportunities.
We are very pleased to work with AVA because of their mission to give back to the men and women who have served and defended our country," said Sam Jacobs, PPMTs VP of Business Development.
The PPMT is a non-invasive and simple to use technology to measure network behavior and browser times, providing a true representation of the actual page view performance experienced by users.