PPNAPre-Pottery Neolithic A (Levantine Neolithic Culture)
PPNAPowderhorn Park Neighborhood Association (Minneapolis, MN)
PPNAPark Place Neighborhood Association (various locations)
PPNAPower Plate North America Inc. (Chicago, IL)
PPNAPortage Park Neighborhood Association (Chicago, IL)
PPNAPromotional Products Networkers Association
PPNAPeak Phrenic Nerve Activity
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Caracteristicas sociodemograficas de los participantes Porcentaje% IC 95% (n=1161) Sexo Femenino 72,2 (69,5-74,7) Masculino 27,8 (25,3-30,5) Edad 20 a 29 25,7 (23,2-28,3) 30 a 39 20,5 (18,3-22,9) 40 a 49 19,6 (17,5-22,0) 50 a 59 24,6 (22,2-27,2) 60 a 64 9,7 (8,2-11,6) Escolaridad Ninguno 1,0 (0,6-1,2) Primaria 15,3 (13,4-17,5) Secundaria 49,8 (46,9-52,7) Superior 33,9 (31,3-36,7) Ocupacion Hogar 58,4 (55,5-61,2) Trabaja 38,5 (35,7-41,3) Estudia 3,1 (2,2-4,3) Vive en pareja Si 71,8 (69,2-74,3) No 28,3 (25,8-31,0) Regimen de salud Subsidiado 48,2 (45,4-51,1) Contributivo 44,4 (41,5-47,2) PPNA 7,3 (6,0-8,9) Fuente: Base de datos del proyecto "Estilo de vida y estado nutricional en adultos del area Metropolitana de Barranquilla, 2014-2015" *PPNA: Poblacion pobre no asegurada Tabla 2.
Bone or flesh: Defleshing and post-depositional treatments at Kortik Tepe (Southeastern Anatolia, PPNA Period).
While there was plenty of support early on, starting in high school, Sanders-Telfer said the PPNA would like to see this furthered, leading to more Pacific clinical nurse directors, chief executives or any of the senior roles available at hospitals or primary settings.
Within PPNA, humans remained gatherers but lived in more permanent settlements for the first time, he said.
PPNA flint and stone axes: technological, functional and symbolic aspects, in A.M.
However, the presence of 0.2 wt% of DHAA-K or DHAA-Na made the values increase to 129.2[degrees]C and 127.7[degrees]C for PPK, or 130.7[degrees]C and 128.5[degrees]C for PPNa correspondingly.
Relaciones positivas entre la Productividad Primaria Neta Aerea (PPNA) y el IVN han sido reportadas para diferentes ecosistemas en diferentes regiones geograficas (Tucker et al., 1985; Box et al., 1989; Prince, 1991; Paruelo et al., 1997, 2000; Pineiro et al.).
Ademas se midieron las variables ambientales: altitud, precipitacion de noviembre a abril (PPNA), exposicion, pendiente, intensidad de extraccion de lena y pastoreo.
In the fourth group on "agency, identity, and gender," Bill Finlayson argues that in PPNA there was a change from the "individualistic society of some hunter-gatherers" to a more collective identity, as humans "select[ed] responses" to climate change.