PPNCProfessional Photographers of North Carolina
PPNCPlans photographiques numériques communaux (French)
PPNCPre-Pottery Neolithic C (prehistory)
PPNCPlanned Parenthood of Nassau County, Inc
PPNCProfit Per New Customer
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Compositions of various PPNCs are shown in Table 1.
The PPNCs used to generate foams were characterized by using the Wide Angle X-Ray scattering and TEM image analysis techniques.
Figure 2 shows WAXD scattering curves of Cloisite 20A and PPNCs.
Thermal analysis was carried out on PPNCs to determine the effect of clay on the crystallization and melting temperature range.
HMS-PP and PPNCs were foamed at different temperature within the melting range specified in the DSC results and just above it as well.
The HMS-PP and PPNCs were saturated in the autoclave under different saturation temperature and pressure, respectively.
HMS-PP and PPNCs were foamed at four different foaming conditions as shown in Table 3.
Foam structure parameters for HMS-PP and PPNCs under different foaming conditions.
Foam cell size and structure for HMS-PP and PPNCs under different foaming conditions determined from image analysis technique.