PPNFPrice-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation (La Mesa, California)
PPNFPrivate Passenger Non-Fleet (vehicle owned by an individual not in a fleet)
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PPNF Chairperson and former president, renowned ticket collector Arif Balagamwala said that a competition for the highest number of rare tickets will be held and an award will be presented at the exhibition.
TABLE 3--Mean values obtained after harvest of fruit weight (g) (FW), fruit weight without the crown (g) (FWWC), fruit length (cm) (LEN), fruit diameter (cm) (DIAM), number of slips (NS), number of suckers (NS), pH of the pulp (pH), brix of the pulp (BRIX), percentage of plants with natural flowering (PPNF) * and yield (t [ha.sup.-1]) (YD).
The three component series, namely food (PPFD), non-food agricultural commodities (PPNF) and metals (PPM) are those labelled respectively GYPIF/MUV, GYPINF/MUV and GYPIM/MUV by Grilli and Yang.