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PPNGPenicillinase-Producing Neisseria Gonorrhea
PPNGPikes Peak N Gineers (Colorado Springs, CO)
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The first term of (1) is PPNG law and the second is PG law.
The reason of the addition of PPNG to PG is two folds.
The aims of this study were to identify the prevalence and the types of NG plasmids-mediated penicillinase-producing (PPNG) and Tetracycline-producing (TRNG) and the ciprofloxacin Ser-91 status in gyrA (CRNG) and to identify the associated risk factors.
Previously published epidemiologic data have strongly suggested that resistant strains, such as PPNG and fluoroquinolone-resistant N.
Briefly, each PPNG-PCR mastermix contained 1x FastStart DNA Master (Roche), 0.5U UNG (Roche), 2.0mM Mg[Cl.sub.2], 0.4 mM of primers PpNg-F2 and PPNG-R2 and 0.2 pM of the PPNG TM2 probe (IDT), and 5mL of cobas 4800 residual DNA or control material.
With the rapid rise in PPNG and failure of penicillin to effectively cure gonorrhoea in its troops, the US military introduced spectinomycin in Korea in 1981.
The first cases of PPNG were isolated in the United States in 1976 (Phillips, 1976).
Disease intervention specialists (DISs) used both traditional (e.g., partner notification and referral) snd innovative (e.g., ethnographic methods) approaches to obtain the cooperation of persons with PPNG and other STDs (1) and to help identify other persons who had been sexually exposed.
CDC officials are preparing updated recommendations forprevention, diagnosis and control of PPNG venereal disease-- which, although susceptible to drugs other than penicillin, is both expensive and difficult to treat.
Similarly, total levels of PPNG in the Northern Territory as determined by PCR (3.7%) were significantly lower than the levels determined by culture (8.1%); pO.Ol).
PPNG. In 1988, PPNG accounted for 149 (3.2%) isolates (range: 0.0%-10.4%; median: 3.0%), and in 1989, 346 (7.4%) isolates (range: 1.2%-31.7%; median: 5.0%) (Table 1).
However, such dual [Beta]-lactam/tetracycline therapy may be inadequate to cure infections caused by strains with chromosomal resistance to multiple agents or plasmid-mediated resistance (PPNG and/or TRNG)[5,6].