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PPNGPenicillinase-Producing Neisseria Gonorrhea
PPNGPikes Peak N Gineers (Colorado Springs, CO)
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found that persons with gonorrhea in Dade County, Florida, who had medicated themselves with illicit antibacterial drugs were more likely to be infected with PPNG than penicillin-sensitive strains (odds ratio 3.
The number of PPNG strains identified at the National Laboratory for STDs (data below provided by the Bureau of Microbiology, Health Canada) was 1 in 1976, and progressively increased to 58 in 1981, 215 in 1985, 624 in 1988 and 1,138 in 1990.
ethnographic methods) approaches to obtain the cooperation of persons with PPNG and other STDs (1) and to help identify other persons who had been sexually exposed.
CDC officials are preparing updated recommendations forprevention, diagnosis and control of PPNG venereal disease-- which, although susceptible to drugs other than penicillin, is both expensive and difficult to treat.
Although the porB-PCR is not a definitive marker of CMRP (17), it was still able to provide insight into CMRP, given that the G101/A102 and PorB la markers are highly predictive of penicillin susceptibility (in which PPNG strains are simultaneously detected and excluded).
From 1988 through 1989, PPNG was isolated at all clinics participating in GISP; in 15 of the clinics in 1989, the percentage of PPNG infections exceeded the definition for "hyperendemicity" of PPNG (prevalence [greater than or equal] 3.