PPNIPersatuan Perawat Nasional Indonesia (Indonesian: National Indonesian Association of Nurses)
PPNIPartai Pemersatu Nasional Indonesia (Indonesian: Unifying the Indonesian National Party)
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Troubleshooting is also appropriate recommendations of the FGD at the fourth point is the commitment to the plan of action is still low in the discharge perkesmas with the recommendation: Increase the facilities and infrastructure that support the obligations and activities Ponkesdes, make suggestions salary increase nurses Ponkesdes of professional organizations PPNI, because of the gap salaries among nurses and midwives polindes, hoping if salary meet the standard could still be set aside for the activities of the home or home care visits, and scheduling of activities that balance between promotive, preventive, and curative.
17] On December 22, 2011, there was an agreement in forming Independent Accreditation Institutions of Higher Education on Health, [14] which was signed by seven health professions, namely: AIPKI, IDI, AFDOKGI, PDGI, AIPNI, PPNI, AIPKIND, IBI, AIPTKMI, IAKMI, APTFI, IAI, AIPGI, PERSAGI, LAM-PTKes, aimed not only to provide the status and rank of accreditation alone but also primarily to increase the awareness, motivation, and concrete steps that ultimately lead to the culture of continuous quality improvement (culture of continuous quality improvement).