PPNNProgramme for Promoting Nuclear Non-Proliferation
PPNNPulsed Para-Neural Network
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In the list of 'Double Doubles' below, I include words with the following adjacent doubled consonants: BBSS, CCLL, CCSS, DDLL, DDSS, FFYY, GGSS, HHGG (WW68016), KKYY, LLCC, LLDD, LLGG, LLPP, LLRR, LLSS, LLYY, MMSS, MMYY, NNGG, NNSS, NNYY, PPLL, PPNN, PPSS, PPYY, RRDD, RRNN, RRSS, RRYY, SSJJ, SSLL, SSTT, TTCC, TTLL, TTSS, TTYY.
6) Mohamed Shaker, "The Middle East, Israel and Iraq," PPNN Seminar, Arden House Conference, March 1995, pp.
31) For issues at the conference's cusp, see John Simpson and Daryl Howlett, The Future of Nuclear Nonproliferation, PPNN Study Six, Southampton, UK, April 1995.