PPNPPoint Pelee National Park (Ontario, Canada)
PPNPPelabuhan Perikanan Nusantara Pekalongan (Indonesian fishery port)
PPNPPolicy, Politics & Nursing Practice
PPNPPeak Performance Nutrition Program (online marathon diet program; Boston, MA)
PPNPPublic Private NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Partnership
PPNPPlatelet-Poor Normal Plasma
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If the IWG's PPNPs were to be finalized and adopted by the food and beverage industry, it would represent another important step forward in the battle against childhood obesity.
166) Not satisfied, the food and beverage industry worked hard to get the PPNPs entirely thrown out.
With the PPNPs in a precarious position and childhood obesity becoming a significant problem, the US government must push forward and build off the momentum that the PPNPs established.