PPNTPomorski Park Naukowo Technologiczny (Poland)
PPNTPlanned Parenthood of North Texas (Dallas, TX)
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To determine whether the PPNT assay was reactive to Ebola virus, we tested 2 neutralizing monoclonal antibodies specific for Z.
1] Nonstandard abbreviations: BSL, biosafety level; PPNT, pseudoviral particle neutralization; GP, glycoprotein.
Characterization of Ebola virus-specific neutralizing monoclonal antibodies, human sera, and animal sera in the Ebola PPNT assay.
In the future, researchers should examine the QoN, the NAQ, NOT, and the PPNT to consider which aspects of nurses' perceptions are important.
The PPNT was initially adapted for use with nursing students by removing items that did not apply to the student population and rewording several questions to improve clarity.
Based on an analysis of data from the initial use of the adapted PPNT inventory, additional revisions were made to the instrument.