PPNTPomorski Park Naukowo Technologiczny (Poland)
PPNTPlanned Parenthood of North Texas (Dallas, TX)
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However, the usefulness of the PPNT in irrigated agriculture highly depends on irrigation type and management (Bilbao et al.
In systems where more than one sidedress application is not practical, the test value can be used to adjust the sidedress N application rate, as described for the PPNT.
Methods for the pseudoviral particle production and PPNT assay were essentially identical to those for Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and influenza, as previously described (3, 4).
For a typical PPNT assay for serological screening, 5 [micro]L heat-treated serum sample (56[degrees]C, 30 min) was incubated with the diluted pseudoparticles in a 100-[micro]L reaction at 4[degrees]C for 60 min before inoculation onto Vero cells (3, 4).
The PPNT uses 27 items to measure perceptions with practice, value, and public-valuing subscales.
The PPNT was initially adapted for use with nursing students by removing items that did not apply to the student population and rewording several questions to improve clarity.
We calculated peak viral loads in sputum; [PRNT.sub.90], ppNT, and microneutralization antibody titers; and MERS S1 ELISA optical density (OD) ratios of the 11 MERS patients by using descriptive statistics.
The MERS-S ppNT, which does not require Biosafety Level 3 containment, had sensitivity equivalent with that of PRNT50, which requires containment.