PPNeProto-Planetary Nebulae
PPNeProtection and Preservation of Natural Environment
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The subjects of this survey were 84 undergraduate students from the four campuses, four graduation students, six public servants, 28 professors and nine course coordinators that attended the PPNE meetings analyzed in the survey.
The Participatory Observation approached the professional day-to-day activities of the PPNE team, where one of the researchers participated as school psychologist all over the research period.
However, both sections are permeated with information obtained from the participatory observation to better contextualize and introduce the PPNE everyday practice.
According to this rule, the PPNE student can also request extension of time to conclude the course, priority enrollment in subjects, home exercises, additional test time and flexible test correction, "aiming at genuinely appraising the PNE student's academic performance (UnB, 2003, art.
The PPNE focuses on providing instrument to fit the student into the university, and contributes to sustain an educational practice that excludes students.
For the years comprised in the study (and up to these days), the target audience was defined as follows: "The PPNE serves the academic community members with sensorial, physical or intellectual disability, dyslexia, global development disorders or attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder" (PPNE, sd.).
Some professors even asked the PPNE clarifications on the identification of the alleged disorders and referral for evaluation in healthcare services.
In the years covered by this survey, 119 students were registered at the PPNE, of which eight graduate and 111 undergraduate students.
This was the main initiative of the PPNE that sometimes mobilized more than hundreds mentors every semester.
In the PPNE the assistance to students were typically made up by initial welcoming, as disclosed in the previous section, and meetings according to the students' demands to cope with the difficulties they faced in the academic lives.
The PPNE was created from the recognition that education at the UnB was excluding, and from the needs of changes to ensure access, retention and degree to disabled students.
(3) Nonstandard abbreviations: BSP, bone sialoprotein; SDS, sodium dodecyl sulfate; PPNE, phosphate-NaN3 Na-EDTA buffer; BSA, bovine serum albumin; PAGE, polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis; PHPT, primary hyperparathyroidism; SHPT, secondary hyperparathyroidism; RF, renal failure; and LC, liver cirrhosis.