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PPOAPublic Procurement Oversight Authority (Kenya)
PPOAProfessional Peace Officers Association (Los Angeles County)
PPOAPollution Prevention Opportunity Assessment
PPOAPolitical Parties and Organisations Act (est. 2002; Uganda)
PPOAPower Pool of Alberta (Canada)
PPOAPoint-to-Point over ATM
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In order to investigate the chemical reaction between PPOA and nano-[CaCO.
1] of PPOA can be clearly observed, indicating that the chemical reaction took place between nano-[CaCO.
John Stites, president of the 7,500-member PPOA, confirmed the custody assistant is a director at the association but said she did not threaten Gomez's wife.
Stites said the altercation between the women came as Pat Gomez was being removed as president of the PPOA for refusing to provide information on his spending account and trying to oust the union's executive director.
1995/1996), "Beyond Superchlorination," PPOA Pumproom Press [Professional Pool Operators of America], 9(Winter):6-8.
PPOA officials could not be reached for comment, but an official wrote on the PPOA Web site: ``It's important to note that the longevity formula provides a lifetime pensionable income increase that puts money into members' pockets before they retire.
The PPOA board will meet next week to vote whether to formally endorse Stites.
KPC Managing Director Charles Tanui said, The ruling by the PPOA and the High Court have vindicated KPC from any malpractice, we therefore must proceed with zeal and tenacity to meet the set timeliness.
This follows the recent decision of the PPOA, that the tender award by K to establish and operate duty free shops in the new Terminal Four was irregular and should be recalled.
The PPOA has a capacity payment structure that will cover fixed expenses, debt payments, and provide all the excess cash flow.
The CBK governor said PPOA has presented a wrong information to the public about the bank's procurement process, in a letter dated August 27 and written to Juma.
PPOA also granted permission to Anhui Construction Engineering Group to commence work on the new ultra-modern terminal that is part of the Vision 2030 flagship projects.