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PPOAPublic Procurement Oversight Authority (Kenya)
PPOAProfessional Peace Officers Association (Los Angeles County)
PPOAPollution Prevention Opportunity Assessment
PPOAPolitical Parties and Organisations Act (est. 2002; Uganda)
PPOAPower Pool of Alberta (Canada)
PPOAPoint-to-Point over ATM
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In the preparation process, the chemical reaction took place between PPOA and nano -[CaCO.
Tabela 2--Medias ajustadas e erro padrao do peso vivo (kg) das vacas, pre-acasalamento (PPRA), pos-acasalamento (PPOA), ganho medio diario durante o acasalamento (GMD) e peso a concepcao (PC) no fator grupo de vacas,VSC (vacas solteiras ciclicas) VLAS (vacas em lactacao em anestro superficial) e VLAP (vacas em lactacao em anestro profundo) Grupo de PPRA PPOA vacas VSC 452,8 [+ o -] 4,1 (a) 491,6 [+ o -] 3,9 (a) VLAS 421,1 [+ o -] 6,9 (b) 422,2 [+ o -] 6,4 (b) VLAP 405,9 [+ o -] 7,2 (b) 409,0 [+ o -] 6,9 (b) Grupo de GMD PC vacas VSC 0,184 [+ o -] 0,05 (d) 478,2 [+ o -] 3,8 (a) VLAS 0,004 [+ o -] 0,07 (e) 416,9 [+ o -] 6,1 (b) VLAP 0,050 [+ o -] 0,08 (e) 405,9 [+ o -] 6,6 (b) (ab) Indicam media diferente (P<0,0001) utilizando o teste de comparacao de medias Tukey-Kramer.
Stites said the altercation between the women came as Pat Gomez was being removed as president of the PPOA for refusing to provide information on his spending account and trying to oust the union's executive director.
In October 2004, two months after he was voted out, Gomez filed suit against PPOA, claiming he was improperly terminated because he questioned possible financial improprieties.
1996), "Superchlorination Follow-Up," The PPOA Pumproom Press [Professional Pool Operators of America], 10(Spring):3.
1996), "Providing Air Quality for Competitive Swimmers," The PPOA Pumproom Press [Professional Pool Operators of America], 12(Fall):2.
Steve Remige, vice president of the Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, said the county offered the 6,300-member ALADS union the same deal as the PPOA, but members voted late last month to reject the offer.
In the 1998 election, PPOA endorsed former Sheriff Sherman Block just days before he died.
Former' winning bidder Nuance from Switzerland, who due to complaints by other bidders to the PPOA was finally stripped of the concession award, is expected to enter the race once again.
Ndung'u said he had not written a letter to the PPOA on the tender on August 8.
The PPOA s ruling was announced during a press conference on Wednesday that had earlier been abruptly postponed on Tuesday.