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PPOCProfessional Photographers of Canada, Inc. (formerly Commercial and Press Photographers Association of Canada)
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In a recent survey by the PPOC of its physician members, 71 of 72 practices said that addressing gaps in behavioral health service delivery was their top clinical priority.
Behavioral health care is better coordinated in this model, and we are intervening with families earlier, which is extremely powerful for providers and families," says Lester Hartman, MD, a PPOC Physician with Westwood-Mansfield Pediatrics.
About the Pediatric Physicians Organization at Children's (PPOC) The PPOC is the largest pediatric primary care physician organization in Massachusetts and one of the largest in the U.
Sixty-eight of the 73 PPOC practices were members for the entire study period and were included in the analysis.
For this project, the Prints and Photographs Division took advantage of the fact that PPOC and American Memory use a general-purpose search engine designed to search several resources simultaneously, not necessarily in the same format.
American Memory and PPOC provide this context through an introductory framework of HTML pages, which often also feature exhibit-like presentations.
American Memory and PPOC encourage searching across the entire resource as well as within a chosen collection.
A collection-level record in LC's catalog or PPOC can link to a Web presentation of the related finding aid by a known-item search.
Reference staff in the P & P reading room, however, stress that topical terms in any data element can facilitate access, thereby regarding the ability to perform a free-text search on all text fields in PPOC or American Memory as a boon for users, given that full cataloging is simply too expensive.
Membership in the PPOC is meant to be as inclusive as possible and is open to all members of the Children's medical staff, both geographically based at Children's Hospital and its affiliated medical staff based in the community.
By partnering with our customer, the PPOC team was able to build a program that surpassed targets while creating substantial savings," said DI President Steve Cannon.
government pollution prevention programs, the PPOC has hosted hundreds of fact-finding tours for environmental managers from other Department of Defense and federal government installations looking for ways to improve pollution prevention efforts at their locations.