PPODPelvic Pain and Organic Dysfunction (syndrome)
PPODPharmacy, Podiatry, Optometry and Dentistry (diabetes education; US CDC and US NIH)
PPODPeapod.com (online grocery business; NASDAQ code)
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An approved agenda of reforms for PPOD was introduced in a bid to resuscitate the department which included Mobile Money Solution (MMS), Pakistan Post (PP) logistic company and the rebranding of post offices.
Talking to Pakistan today, Collecting Bargaining Agency (CBA) General Secretary Pervaiz Iqbal warned PPOD of protests and stated, We have given our suggestions for the improvement of the department but nothing is being done in this regard and the institution is spiralling towards its downfall".
Ball serves as the Vice Chair of the PPOD Work Group of the NDEP.
Fontaine is a member of the PPOD Work Group of the NDEP.
There are podcasts focused on each PPOD clinical discipline.
Committee has sought report within one month on obtaining additional commission amounting to Rs 295 millions on national saving schemes by PPOD.
Also included are a patient education poster, a supplemental booklet on the medications used in diabetes prevention and control, and a brochure addressing the role of the PPOD professions in diabetes prevention among those at risk.
According to the details of revenues earned by PPOD from financial year 2005-06, the department had earned Rs 4,948.
Replying to a question regarding the Pakistan Post, the Minister said that PPOD Ministry and the management have been assured that the concept to establish Post Bank would never affect other postal functions performed by PPOD including money order system, he added.
According to a statement of the Commission, this decision has been taken keeping in view to develop the financial services of PPOD into a world class organization delivering state-of-the-art financial services through the length and breadth of the country by adopting a Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode.