PPOIPyramid Party of India
PPOIProfessional Photographers Association of Israel
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Polymorphisms important for PPOI are mostly unknown despite of the pathogenic defects identified in some candidate genes(24,25).
The FOXL2 mutation is identified in 5% of non-syndromic PPOI patients, suggesting the possibility of idiopathic PPOI occurrence(27).
34) found three new SOHLH1 variations as the potential cause of PPOI in 364 Chinese women with PPOI.
Some of the gene candidates and their function in the pathogenesis of PPOI are shown in Table 2(40).
The connection between these two microsatellite polymorphisms and PPOI has been demonstrated(45,46).
For the GGN tandem repeat in Indian women, a significant correlation with PPOI has been reported(51).