PPOLPolicies and Procedures on Line (Canada)
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In June 2005, PPOL acquired its second subsidiary, K.
PPOL sold these shares in a private placement without registration under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended in reliance on one or more exemptions from the registration requirements under the Act, including Regulation D.
In April 2004 PPOL announced its new strategy to grow the Company through the early stage identification of proven and promising low-cost target U.
As founder of PPOL, I am pleased to be taking an active role in the Company at this important time as we establish our new subsidiary, GateFor, to launch the Japanese version of the BridgeGate software recently licensed from Object Innovation," said Hideo Ohkubo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PPOL.
PPOL Expands Board of Directors to Add Independent Majority
Brasch, Hamaguchi, Hattori, and Ohashi, bring significant business experience to PPOL and their support will be key to our future growth.
Shimojo was previously General Manager of Finance at PPOL and has more than 30 years of experience, primarily in accounting and finance.
Nobuo Takada, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PPOL, said, "This year we made substantial progress in refining the growth strategy for our core business to focus on increasing the sale of online products and services.
Under the terms of the agreement, PPOL will license Object Innovation's BridgeGate software, a Transformation and Exchange Infrastructure (TEI) that allows disparate data systems to be rapidly connected together to share data, without requiring major changes on either end, and which transforms that data from any format into any other format.
Pomeroy, 50, to the position of President, succeeding Yoshihiro Aota who will focus on the integration of the company's growth strategy as President and CEO of its AJOL subsidiary, while retaining the position of Chief Operating Officer and remaining a Director of PPOL.
Nobuo Takada will retain the positions of Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of PPOL.