PPOPPlatform Payload Operations Plan
PPOPPlain Paper Optimized Printing (also seen as P-POP)
PPOPPre-Provision Operating Profit
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Under the proposed amendments, Forco would be denied a deduction for UFT in respect of its 2010 taxable surplus because Target (a PPOP in respect of Canco by virtue of Canco's rights to acquire shares of Target) is, for tax purposes in the country where Forco carries on business, considered to own fewer shares of Subco (also a PPOP in respect of Canco) than it is considered to own under the Act.
Under the draft legislation, a PPOP is not required to own an "equity percentage" in the relevant foreign affiliate.
Specifically, the proposals should (i) include an "equity percentage" requirement in the definition of PPOP (as describe in the 2010 Budget) and (ii) require that the character of any "hybrid security" be relevant for purposes of determining the tax consequences of the foreign income to which the relevant foreign tax relates.