PPORPer Pupil Operating Revenue
PPORPotential Places of Refuge (Alaska)
PPORPost Proof or Retract (message boards)
PPORProvide Proof or Retract (message boards)
PPORPsychological Power Operated Robots (Key the Metal Idol)
PPoRPrincipal Place of Residence
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The most effective patent owner arguments at the PPOR stage are ones that attack facial deficiencies in the petition or easily proven inaccuracies.
Other arguments that are often successful at the PPOR stage include pointing out incorrect characterizations of the prior art references or a legally incorrect assumption regarding the prior art.
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As is typical for charter schools, PPOR represents the largest funding source for all Group schools, including both Chula Vista and Media Arts where PPOR represented approximately two thirds of each school's fiscal 2010 operating revenue.
The PPOR becomes the objective that the business must manage toward to achieve the financial goals for the period.