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PPOXPolypropylene Oxide
PPOXProtoporphyrinogen Oxidase (gene)
PPOXPhenacylpyridinium Oxalate
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Our work on the expression of VP-associated PPOX mutations in cell culture, as well as studies in a knock-in mouse model which expresses the R59W mutation, (20) have confirmed this.
FTIR spectrums of carbonyl and hydroperoxide regions of PP samples and PPOx are presented in Figs.
Figures 6 and 7 show the SEC curves for PP and PPOx samples exposed to UV radiation for different durations.
The cumulative weight loss of PP and PPOx samples measured during 56 days is reported in Fig.
Figures 5-7 show the aspect of the molded surfaces of PP and PPOx samples before and after exposition to UV, respectively.
In the case of PPOx the cracks occur at much shorter times of exposure than for PP.
Figures 8 and 9 show the X-ray diffractograms of PP and PPOx before and after UV exposition for 480 and 388 hr, respectively.
Identification of the cDNA for PPOX (18) and recognition that the founder R59W mutation accounts for 95% of all South African patients with VP (19, 20) have enabled the assignment of an accurate genotypic diagnosis in our patients and has in turn allowed us to determine accurately the sensitivity and specificity of biochemical testing in our population.
The uniquely high prevalence of the R59W PPOX mutation in our population justified our testing for this mutation routinely.
A plasma scan and a DNA result were available for comparison in 679 individuals, of whom 205 carried a VP-associated PPOX mutation: R59W (n = 190), 537delAT (n = 14), or c769delG; 770T>A (n = 1).
Using DGGE to screen for PPOX mutations in DNA samples collected from the 40 individuals, we found evidence of four different sequence variations.
The DGGE and dHPLC assays established for the PPOX gene include mutation screening of 13 DNA fragments, which together cover the entire coding region of the PPOX gene as well as a 74-bp fragment of the noncoding exon 1 and 8-41 by of the flanking intron sequences.