PPPAPrinting Presses and Publications Act (Malaysia)
PPPAPeople, Pay and Pensions Agency (UK MoD)
PPPAPurchasing Power Parity Adjusted
PPPAPoison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970 (US)
PPPAPreliminary Purchase Price Allocation
PPPAPublic Policy and Public Affairs (academic course; various institutions)
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To further investigate the influence of the nylon phase on the distribution of CB particles in the PPCB layers, the dependence of electrical resistivity on the measuring temperature was compared between the 512-layer PPCB/PP and PPCB/PPPA (10 wt% PA6 in PPPA layers) systems.
Figure 5 shows the SEM image of a 16-layer PPCB/PPPA sample containing 8 wt% CB in the PPCB layers and 10 wt% PA6 in the PPPA layers.
Now, thanks to a local branch of optician Specsavers, and YC Sports, in Penarth, the pupil members of the PPPA will stand out from the crowd with striking sashes that will help other children identify them.
Catharine Andrew, Year Five teacher at St Joseph's, said: 'The PPPA is a fantastic way of teaching the children about having a representative voice.
Household cleaners expressly subject to special packaging provisions of the PPPA include methanol and turpentine-based cleaners, solvents for paints and coatings, wood oil cleaners, spot removers, metal cleaners, fluoride treatments, adhesive removers, and general-use household oils.
In implementing the PPPA, the Commission has emphasized the issue of "appropriateness.
Garcia, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the PPPA and Chairman and President of the Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico.
The projects listed do not represent an official PPPA projects inventory, which means that the evaluation process mandated by the Act per project, in order to determine the final inventory and eventual structuring of PPP projects, is still pending.
PPPA will be publishing soon the Proposed PPPA Bylaws and Regulations for the Procurement, Evaluation, Approval and Award of Public-Private Partnership Contracts Under Act No.
The PPPA has some 32 projects submitted by government agencies and public corporations, which include: landfills; reservoirs; power plants that use alternative or renewable sources of energy; transportation systems; health, security, education, correctional and rehabilitation facilities; low-income housing projects; facilities for sports, recreation, tourism and cultural activities; ground and wireless communication systems; and high-technology information and mechanical systems, said David Alvarez, PPPA Exec.
Unlimited Contract Step-Up Provision: In practice, the PPPAs provide an unlimited step-up among the pool's 35 members, whereby if one member defaults, the other members are required to incur the redistributed costs, including debt service.
Pursuant to the PPPAs, MJMEUC supplies the full energy requirements of each pool member and recovers all costs incurred to deliver energy to the members.