PPPLPrinceton Plasma Physics Laboratory (funded by US; managed by Princeton)
PPPLPinellas Park Public Library (Florida)
PPPLPersonal Prismatic Planetary Lineup (astrology)
PPPLPretty Prairie Public Library (Kansas)
PPPLPlant Protection Product List
PPPLPaw Paw Public Library (Paw Paw, WV)
PPPLPartial Pharyngectomies Preserving the Larynx (otolaryngology)
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gov/news/2017/11/plasma-lasers-can-shed-light-cosmic-rays-solar-eruptions) press release on PPPL website.
PPPL managing director Ron Hoque Sikder and MPA chairman Rear Admiral Riazuddin Ahmed inked the agreement on behalf of their respective sides.
The high-throughput, plasma-based, mass separation techniques advanced at PPPL offer the possibility of reducing the volume of waste that needs to be immobilized in glass.
According to Media reports, some unidentified terrorist planted time device bomb at PPPL gas pipeline in the precincts of police station near Kandhkot resultantly 6 diameter of gas pipeline was destroyed in well number 19, 20.
These rating weaknesses are partially offset by the benefits that PPPL derives from its promoters' industry experience.
PPPL manufactures table eggs and poultry feed, and also processes broiler chicken meat.
For additional information contact Maintech at 800-426-TECH or contact the PPPL Information Services Office at 609/243-2755.
Magnetic reconnection in the magnetosphere, the magnetic field that surrounds the Earth, can set off geomagnetic 'substorms' that disable communications and global positioning satellites (GPS) and disrupt electrical grids," PPPL said in the statement.
We are opening up new options for future plants," lead author Jonathan Menard from the PPPL said in a (http://www.
As associate director at PPPL, Ed had a profound influence on fusion policy during the 1970s as the fusion effort at PPPL successfully operated a series of tokamak experiments and began construction of the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor (TFTR).
The rating revision factors in high hydrological risks as PPPL is not covered under deemed generation clause in case of factors like shortage of water or loss of generation due to silting.
For further details, view the PPPL press release at: http://www.