PPPLPrinceton Plasma Physics Laboratory (funded by US; managed by Princeton)
PPPLPinellas Park Public Library (Florida)
PPPLPretty Prairie Public Library (Kansas)
PPPLPlant Protection Product List
PPPLPaw Paw Public Library (Paw Paw, WV)
PPPLPartial Pharyngectomies Preserving the Larynx (otolaryngology)
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According to Media reports, some unidentified terrorist planted time device bomb at PPPL gas pipeline in the precincts of police station near Kandhkot resultantly 6 diameter of gas pipeline was destroyed in well number 19, 20.
PPPL manufactures table eggs and poultry feed, and also processes broiler chicken meat.
PPPL"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of MPAL, related to the write-off of outstanding loans made by PPPL to other entities within the MPAL group of companies.
For additional information contact Maintech at 800-426-TECH or contact the PPPL Information Services Office at 609/243-2755.
In a comprehensive audit conducted by the ATO in the period 1992-94, the ATO concluded that PPPL was carrying on business as a money lender and accordingly, should, for taxation purposes, account for its interest income on an accruals basis rather than a cash basis.
PPPL of Poland -- PPPL Polish Airports Authorities is a state-owned airport authority, which, at the end of 2002, signed a contract with Oracle Polska under which Oracle Polska provides a complete management-support system for PPPL business operations.
After receiving his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin in 1969, John began his 36-year career at PPPL, retiring in 2005, focusing on the design of cutting-edge facilities for magnetic fusion research.
Said Bill Davis, a software engineer at PPPL and the organizer of the New Jersey competition, "I am very excited by the general principle that just like kids in sports, kids in academics can be motivated and taught to work harder by competition and recognition for their achievements.
The purposes of the upgrade, according to Jon Menard of PPPL, include developing solutions to the plasma-material interface, advancing the spherical torus configuration as a candidate for a Fusion Nuclear Science Facility and as a potential fusion energy system.
Sibylle Gunter from the MPI for Plasma Physics, Stewart Prager from the PPPL and Jim Stone from the Department for Astrophysical Sciences form the Leading Team of the Max Planck Princeton Centre.
PPPL physicists will use the upgraded NSTX facility to assess the role of more compact tokamak configurations.
ASIPP has expressed interest in manufacturing these coils and has proposed collaboration with PPPL.