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PPPOAPoint to Point Protocol over Atm
PPPOAPoint-to-Point Protocol Over ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)
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El Consejo del Presupuesto Participativo (COP) se encuentra integrado por dos consejeros titulares y dos suplentes por cada region y asamblea tematica del PPPOA, asi como por un titular y un suplente del sIMPA (Sindicato de Empleados de la Municipalidad de PoA) y un titular y un suplente de la UAMPA (9).
In response, Spirent significantly increased the capacity of its test equipment and now provides extensive capabilities for emulating PPPoA and PPPoEoA, as well as PPPoE.
If desired, additional features such as firewall, NAPT, PPPoE, and PPPoA can be turned on to allow the 6381 ADSL/R modem to operate seamlessly within the service providers network while also enabling value added services.