PPPRPlant Protection Products Regulations (UK)
PPPRPost-Publication Peer Review (scientific research)
PPPRPeriod Parity Progression Ratio (human fertility)
PPPRPersonnel Performance Planning and Review (teaching)
PPPRProtection of Personal and Property Rights Act of 1988 (New Zealand)
PPPRSwedish People Participating in Poverty Reduction
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Similar results were found for a 5-panel PPPR designed for vpol and for different offset feed locations and polarizations.
For the WSOA type geometry it was found that the fully planar reflectarray and symmetric PPPR exhibited good scan performance whereas the tilted PPPR had poor scan performance.
The gain values computed for these two antennas shown in Table 8 for the five-panel PPPR are found to be slightly better than those in Tables 2 and 3, thus validating the design technique for PPPR for dual-beam dual-polarization application.
Figures 5 and 6 show far field patterns of fully planar reflectarray and PPPR consisting of rectangular patches.
For PPPR in tilted configurations the design using square patches for the nominal feed position and then subsequent offsetting of the two feeds produces substantial gain loss.
All CEO staff take part in a PPPR performance management process that is similar in design to that used with and by school principals.
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