PPPSPersonalized Prevention Plan Services (healthcare)
PPPSPulsed Power Conference (IEEE)
PPPSPriory Park Preservation Society (UK)
PPPSPoint Positioning Production System
PPPSProject Proposal/Project Specification
PPPSProduction Planning and Production Scheduling
PPPSPreliminary Program Performance Specification
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Within this alliance, Sartorius will be a preferred supplier and technology provider to ProMetic's PPPS licensees for filtration equipment and consumables.
While many plasma protein fractionators still use the traditional Cohn process, the innovative PPPS technology from ProMetic offers the advantage of considerably higher recovery yields, purity and processing speed.
A public meeting of PPPS was held under the chairmanship of Irshad Mukarar President PPPS Tehsil Drosh, while former Provincial Minister Haji Bakht Baidar Khan was chief guest on the occasion.