PPQPlant Protection and Quarantine (USDA subsidiary)
PPQPartido Patria Querida (Spanish: Beloved Fatherland Party; Paraguay)
PPQParts per Quadrillion
PPQParts per Quarter Note (digital music)
PPQPulses per Quarter (time sequencing resolution)
PPQPre Purchase Questionnaire (UK)
PPQPretty Personal Question (clothing label)
PPQPremium Paper Quality (collectors)
PPQPast Performance Questionnaire
PPQPirate Party Quest
PPQProduct Performance Qualification
PPQPolite Persistent Questioning (alt.folklore.urban newsgroup)
PPQPriority Packet Queue(ing)
PPQPre-Production Qualification
PPQPerfect Paper Quality (grading system)
PPQProduct and Process Qualification
PPQProposed Project Questionnaire
PPQPast Paper Question
PPQPigmentos y Productos Quimicos (Spanish: Pigments and Chemical Products; Mexico)
PPQPartners Promoting Quality (statewide health care coalitions in Indiana a)
PPQPrimary Packaging Quantity (various nations)
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This PPQ is an "M2" meaning that it has a reversible, American-style push-button magazine release in place of Europeanstyle levers that we originally saw on each side of the original PPQ's triggerguard.
The PPQ M2 magazines, by comparison, were designed to be as sleek and trim as they can be and still hold 15 rounds of 9mm goodness.
The M2's grip-frame has also been updated and resembles the PPQ M2 in shape and texture.
Resolucion del Instituto Nacional de Transparencia, Acceso a la Informacion y Proteccion de Datos Personales (INAI) recaida al recurso de revision RDA 0054/15, relativo a la solicitud de informacion con folio 1857200241214, por medio de la que se requirio "Respetuosamente solicito a quien corresponda, contenido integro del acuerdo CA 007/2013 de fecha miercoles 16 de enero de 2013, asi como del Memorandum con sus declaraciones de entendimiento que suscribieron Pemex Petroquimica en lo sucesivo PPQ representado por su Director General Ing.
To compare the VP9/ VP40s trigger system to its competitors, in my opinion while it has less takeup than a Springfield Armory XDM, the trigger break on the HK felt very similar to the XDM, which means it feels superior to a Glock or M&P, but not as good as a Walther PPQ or Caracal.
An Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) using a varimax rotation was conducted on the new PPQ scale.
The PPQ audit measures Product and Process Quality.
Sebastian Acha, diputado del PPQ declaro despues que se molestaron por "las amenazas" de Canese.
Neste trabalho verificou-se significante alteracao das medidas de PPQ e vf0, na ausencia de dor no aspecto posterior da ATM e alteracao do VTI na ausencia de dor no musculo masseter superficial (Tabelas 2 e 4), sugerindo que, mesmo na ausencia de dor, sujeitos com sintomatologia da DTM podem apresentar alteracoes acusticas da voz.
This is an important element for managing expectations for moving into the PPQ.
Green suede platform sandal by PPQ @ Office, pounds 85