PPRAPublic Procurement Regulatory Authority (Pakistan)
PPRAProtection of Pupil Rights Amendment
PPRAPhiladelphia Public Relations Association
PPRAPlutonium Production Reactor Agreement
PPRAPrecious Pugs Rescue and Adoption (dog rescue; est. 1999; various locations)
PPRAPigmented Paravenous Retinochoroidal Atrophy (opthamology)
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The chairman claimed that the rules allowed it but he could not cite the relevant PPRA Rule in his defence.
He appreciated the efforts of Sindh PPRA for taking innovative steps for making public procurements transparent and efficient.
Malik said that the department would not make any procurement in violation of the PPRA rules.
Arif also stressed that PSO is committed to following PPRA rules in all procurement related activities in order to ensure transparency in business dealings and garner cost savings for the company.
PPRA Board Chairman, Ambassador Matern Lumbanga, who announced this in Dar es Salaam, said Morogoro-based Gagaja Contractors Company Limited will be debarred until October 1, 2025.
O PPRA e regido pelo Ministerio do Trabalho e Emprego (MTE), em consonancia com a NR-9, a qual estabelece obrigatoriedade da elaboracao e implementacao desse programa para todos os empregadores e instituicoes que admitam trabalhadores como empregados e aborda a importancia da protecao da saude e integridade fisica dos trabalhadores (8).
He joined the struggling PPRA in 1950 with his wife Eileen, from the Jeffreys family who had grown up on the southern bank of the river, just opposite East Hills.
The PPRA Rules did not allow matching of the price or direct negotiations with the second lowest bidder.
Jill Angell, Founder of Fish4Dogs, with Star Treats which was voted PPRA best new product of the year
I am extremely proud to have this accolade as it is an award that is voted for by the retail members of the PPRA.
PPRA provisions require districts to implement policies on the collection, disclosure, or use of student data for marketing and selling purposes, and researchers estimate that about two-thirds of the districts nationwide believe they are developing or have developed such policies.
An ambitious project to develop a collection of documents on FERPA and PPRA is in the process and has not yet been completed.