PPRAPlutonium Production Reactor Agreement
PPRAPigmented Paravenous Retinochoroidal Atrophy (opthamology)
PPRAPublic Procurement Regulatory Authority (Pakistan)
PPRAPhiladelphia Public Relations Association
PPRAPrecious Pugs Rescue and Adoption (dog rescue; est. 1999; various locations)
PPRAProtection of Pupil Rights Amendment
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For eight years, the PPRA had lobbied for this land to become a national park.
Sylvia Gaumond agreed that PPRA deserves every penny earned from JAGFest proceeds.
The PPRA awards were formed in 2005 to recognise and reward excellence within the pet industry.
html does include information dated 2002 about changes to FERPA and PPRA.
PPRA) will induct Anne Sceia Klein, founder and president of Anne Klein & Associates, into the prestigious PPRA Hall of Fame tomorrow (Thursday, May 27) at Noon at the Rittenhouse Hotel (210 West Rittenhouse Square) in Philadelphia.
The association's president, Phyllis Polk, said PPRA wanted an opportunity to incorporate best practices and lessons learned from other communication associations in the area.
He stressed that PSO is committed to following PPRA rules in all procurement related activities in order to ensure transparency in business dealings and garner cost savings for the company.
The whole process was conducted in violations of PPRA Rules and caused huge loss of Millions of Rupees to the state exchequer.
It said the contract was awarded to the firm after exercising due diligence for their pre-qualification and strictly following the PPRA Rules to award contract to the lowest bidder.
The statement said that all the legal formalities including PPRA rules were fulfilled of these aircraft in acquisition.