PPRBPolice Public Relations Branch (Hong Kong)
PPRBProject and Priority Review Board
PPRBProgram Perumahan Rakyat Bersepadu (Malay: Integrated Housing Program)
PPRBProtection Profile Review Board (security)
PPRBPublic Procurement Review Board (various locations)
PPRBProject Proposal Review Board
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This enables the PPRB network processing subsystem, for example, to communicate over the backplane at high data rates in a highly available environment.
The PPRB combines the power and flexibility of Motorola's C-Port C-5 network processor with the general- purpose processing power and connectivity to provide a wirespeed blade capable of manipulating up to 2.
Development of a C-5 based line card known as the C-5 PPRB for the Multi-Service Packet Transport Platform (MPX), offering and open multi-service architecture that supports many services and connections to various I/O sources.