PPRCPollution Prevention Resource Center
PPRCPeer-To-Peer Remote Copy
PPRCPeer to Peer Remote Copy
PPRCPhysician Payment Review Commission
PPRCPulp and Paperworker's Resource Council
PPRCProvisioning Preparedness Review Conference
PPRCPortland Pearl Rotary Club (Portland, OR)
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We calculated payment-volume elasticities--defined as the percent change in Medicare service volume per 1 percent change in Medicare payment--for both noncomplex and complex cataract surgeries using a fixed-effects regression model, a standard technique used by the PPRC and other research groups to assess the volume response to payment changes (Ginsburg and Hogan 1993; Mitchell and Cromwell 1995; Nguyen and Derrick 1997).
Although PPRC deleted the SF method in processing TCMs in 2005, this process is still presently applied in commercial TCMs.
The PPRC also called on the community to become part of neighbourhood watch groups.
The PPRC consists of four members appointed by the president and approved by Parliament for a five-year term subject to reappointment.
Countries would propose an action plan with target dates for improvement, and the PPRC would formally respond to the plan with comments, or release money from a burden-sharing fund in order to finance the proposed action plan.
Didesne dalis ju isties buvo sukurta ir paskelbta PPRC (Pedagogu profesines raidos centro) internetiniame puslapyje.
Step-by-step instructions illustrate migration from an HACMP-based RAC cluster to GPFS using RMAN, node addition to an existing Oracle RAC, disaster recovery using GPFS replication or PPRC over SAN, and deployment of test environments using virtualized SAN.
In PPRC, I was treated as an equal, not as a child.
This also was a significant departure from past practice because the PPRC was created to study Medicare physician payment issues.
IBM's SVC PPRC utilizes the standards-based protocols featured in multiple McDATA Eclipse SAN Routers, enabling SVC PPRC to work between ESS and a FAStT arrays to extend storage connectivity over distance.
PPRC Position Concerning EPA's Proposed New Water Regulation.
Pricing is based on virtualization volume capacity, and a 2TB set-up lists at $112,000, with another $30,000 for a PPRC replication license, and $20,000 for FlashCopy.