PPREProgramme Personnalisé de Réussite Éducative (French: Custom Program for Educational Success)
PPREPPAR (Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor)-Response Element
PPREPeroxisome Proliferator Response Element (biology)
PPREPostgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (University of Oldenburg; Oldenburg, Germany)
PPREProfessional Photographers of the Redwood Empire
PPREProperty Plus Real Estate (Thornlie, Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
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When we used the human adiponectin promoter bearing the mutated PPAR response element [p(-908)/LUC PPRE mut] there were no appreciable changes in luciferase activity indicating a possible major role for PPAR-[gamma] in the activation of adiponectin promoter (Fig.
On mucosal functional tests, both EoE and PPRE were associated with reduced transepithelial electrical resistance and lower electrical tissue impedance, most notably in patients with EoE (P less than .
Proton pump inhibitor treatment partially reversed these changes in patients with PPRE but showed no effect for patients with EoE.
This finding suggests that acid reflux might play a role in PPRE, but not in EoE, they concluded.
A) Cos-7 cells were transiently transfected with human PPARG1 and PPRE x3-TK-luc, with either pcDNA3 or PPAR[gamma]-DN vectors.
In addition to fulfilling her responsibilities as president of PPRE, Ms.
PPRE will offer loans to the general public but will also act as a support vehicle for Home Sales Express, a Union Equity subsidiary specializing in the For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) market.
will provide franchisees with brand name recognition, a ready-made website and comprehensive marketing support and access to financing through PPRE.
The lack of induction of peroxisomal ACO activity in this group was suggested to be due to an inactive PPRE sequence in the ACO gene promoter rather than to lower cellular concentrations of PPAR[Alpha] (49).
The demonstration of a functional PPAR in human breast cancer cell lines that can bind specifically to a PPRE indicates that peroxisome proliferators may transcriptionally activate peroxisome proliferator-regulated genes in human breast epithelial cells (53).