PPRFParamedian Pontine Reticular Formation
PPRFPower Pack Repair Facility (UK)
PPRFPublic Project Revolving Fund (New Mexico Finance Authority)
PPRFPharmaceutical Production Research Facility (Department of Chemical Engineering; University of Calgary; Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
PPRFPatient Privacy Rights Foundation
PPRFPionus Parrots Research Foundation (est. 1999)
PPRFParticipatory Performance Review Framework (UN Environment Programme)
PPRFPostdoctoral Prize Research Fellowship (UK)
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(7) "One and a half' syndrome is additional involvement of PPRF or sixth nerve nucleus with MLF resulting in complete loss of horizontal eye movements on ipsilateral side and adduction on the opposite side.
In an effort at compromise, the PPRF proposed a tunnel or crossing gates at the highway the railway bridge was to span.
The distance was increased to more than one kilometer after the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization (CHTHO) and the PPRF objected.
Yet, according to Peel, the PPRF is pro-technology because technology can foster privacy and safeguard patients' rights.
CBOC's third innovative approach for determining the personnel requirements of correctional officers was the development, use and refinement of the PPRF. (2) The PPRF establishes a quantitative measure of 12 subdimensions of personality-related variables.
Average Usefulness Ratings of the PPRF Submissions PPRF Sub-dimension Average Rating Emotional Stability 3.47 Adherence to a Work Ethic 3.11 Thoroughness and Attentiveness to Details 3.11 Tendency to Think Things Through 2.97 Cooperative or Collaborative Work Tendency 2.87 Achievement Striving 2.85 General Trustworthiness 2.77 Sensitivity to the Interests of Others 2.75 General Leadership 2.67 Desire to Generate Ideas 2.45 Friendly Disposition 2.39 Interest in Negotiation 2.22 0 = Not Required 1 = Somewhat Helpful 2 = Moderately Helpful 3 = Very Helpful 4 = Critical Table 1.
An exploration of the PPRF to adult and juvenile corrections positions.
When you make a voluntary saccade to the left or right, the frontal eye fields in the frontal lobes send instructions down via the PPRF to the abducens nucleus.
The pulse or velocity command for horizontal saccades is initiated by excitatory burst cells in the pontine paramedian reticular formation (PPRF) which regulate the speed at which the saccade is made.
The lesion in the medial pons involves fibers of PPRF as well as crossing fibers of contralateral MLF.