PPRIPlant Protection Research Institute (South Africa)
PPRIPublic Policy Research Institute
PPRIPlan de Prévention des Risques d'Inondations (French: Plan to Prevent Natural Hazards of Flooding)
PPRIPharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Information
PPRIPrison Privatisation Report International
PPRIPlanned Parenthood of Rhode Island
PPRIPrairie Plains Resource Institute (Aurora, NE)
PPRIPemilihan Peneliti Remaja Indonesia
PPRIPlant Pathology Research Institute
PPRIPlasma Physics Research Institute
PPRIPlant Production Research Institute
PPRIPulp and Paper Research Institute
PPRIParanormal Phenomena Research and Investigation
PPRIPacific Parkinsons Research Institute (Vancouver, Canada)
PPRIPreemptive Priority
PPRIProvider Public Relations Initiative
PPRIPowerPT Presentation Research Institute
PPRIPublic Performance Rights Included
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Dirk Kunz and Charles Haddad collected most of the material used in this study, Ansie Dippenaar-Schoeman sent data from the PPRI collection, and Charles Haddad commented on an earlier version of the manuscript.
The expeditions carried out by specialists from PPRI during August-September 2012 and 2014 collected 17 and 6 specimens from Pamphagidae family respectively.
Depending on the need and the cost of the services, the existing databases can be updated and the regulatory documents of the PPRI can be realized and mapped (presentation note, regulation and regulatory zoning).
Studies on the development of common PPRI Watershed Gers, northern Arrats and Auroue.
Constraints: The site is located on a floodplain and is subject to PPRI the City of Metz.
the project is both within a binding PPRI and following rules PLU evolving.