PPRLPoisonous Plant Research Laboratory
PPRLParti Populaire Revolutionnaire Lao (French: Lao People's Revolutionary Party)
PPRLPhillips Public Relations Ltd. (Canada)
PPRLPublic Policy Resources Laboratory (Texas A&M University)
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To achieve the optimal performance, tests were completed to determine power, Peak polished Rod load (PPRL), and electricity costs with respect to stroke length (S) and pumping speed (N).
In sharp contrast to the effects of pumping speed, stroke length can be increased with minimal increases in the PPRL on the beam pumping system.
Pumping speed carries a quadratic relationship with PPRL as also viewed from Fig.
From the previous equation set and Petroleum Production System (PPS) analysis of PPRL, horsepower requirements, and electricity costs, it is clear that pumping speed and stroke length play a very important role in optimizing the efficiency and production associated with a beam pumping system.
Nomenclature Ap Area of pump plunger, square inch Atr Cross-sectional area of top section of rod, square inch K Pump constant Wr Weight of the rod string, lb Wf Weight of the fluid, lb Ea Maximum stress on rods at top of string SF Service Factor T Minimum tensile strength for the rods S Stroke length, inch N Pumping speed, stroke/min (spm) PPRL Peak Polished Rod Load, lb TA Temporarily Abandoned SI Shut In