PPRLPoisonous Plant Research Laboratory
PPRLParti Populaire Revolutionnaire Lao (French: Lao People's Revolutionary Party)
PPRLPhillips Public Relations Ltd. (Canada)
PPRLPublic Policy Resources Laboratory (Texas A&M University)
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Pumping speed carries a quadratic relationship with PPRL as also viewed from Fig.
The graphical analysis shows that pumping speed only carries a non-linear relationship will respect to PPRL.
Nomenclature Ap Area of pump plunger, square inch Atr Cross-sectional area of top section of rod, square inch K Pump constant Wr Weight of the rod string, lb Wf Weight of the fluid, lb Ea Maximum stress on rods at top of string SF Service Factor T Minimum tensile strength for the rods S Stroke length, inch N Pumping speed, stroke/min (spm) PPRL Peak Polished Rod Load, lb TA Temporarily Abandoned SI Shut In