PPRNPlan de Prévention des Risques Naturels (French: Natural Hazard Prevention Plan)
PPRNPrepper Podcast Radio Network (online radio)
PPRNPrezydium Powiatowej Rady Narodowej
PPRNPolitical Participation Research Network (Canada)
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In Massachusetts, Nierenberg says the impetus for the Mood PPRN was that outcomes for mood disorders like major depression simply aren't good enough, even with the best available treatments.
The Massachusetts General Mood PPRN will communicate results back to patient participants.
(234.) The PPRN is the Plan for the Prevention of Foreseeable Natural Risks (Plan de Prevention des Risques Naturels Previsibles) and is a specific plan that municipalities have to draw up concerning the prevention of catastrophic risks.
Chaetotaxy: prpl setula absent, 1 strong postsutural dc, often with 1 shorter seta anterior to this, acrs not differentiated from other scutal setulae, between dc lines in 8-12 rows with 2-4 distinct prscut; 1-2 pprn, 1 posthu, 2 ntpl, 1 distinct pra behind transverse scutal suture; 1 sa and 1 long pa, 1 short post ia, 2-4 pairs of marginal scut setae; sometimes with setulae on disc; anepisternum with 1 strong seta directed backwards at middle of posterior margin, katepisternum with 1 strong seta at upper posterior corner, each with a variable number of short setulae in front; tuft of numerous, fine, long setulae at ventral aspect of katepisternum.
Chaetotaxy: 1 pprn and 2 setulae, 1 posthu, 2 ntpl, 1 pra, 1 sa and 1 long pa, 1 long dc with a short seta in front of it about one third its length or less; acrs differentiated only as one prscut pair; scutum covered with numerous very short dark setulae in 8-10 rows between dc lines at level of transverse suture; scut with 3 pairs of marginals, middle pair shortest and situated just medial to a line joining basal and subapical setae; 1 anepisternal and 1 katepisternal, that on katepisternum at upper hind corner, that on anepisternum at middle of posterior margin; each with a few setulae in front.
Thorax: Predominantly yellow, small brown patch anteriorly at neck extending laterally to just below pprn; scutum pale brown with 6 longitudinal stripes from transverse suture to posterior margin; dc setae on pale line; scut yellow with brown lateral margin; mtn brown, pleura dull yellow.
Thorax: Deep orange-yellow and somewhat elongated; a pale brown line runs from just medial to pprn to transverse suture; another dark brown stripe runs from behind suture to edge of scut along dc line, becoming broader posteriorly.
Chaetotaxy: 2+5 dc only hindmost developed to a seta, 0+4 acrs in two irregular rows, 1 pprn, 1 ihu, 1 posthu, 1 ia, 2 ntpl, 1 pa, 1 anepisternal and 1 katepisternal with a few setulae near each.
Chaetotaxy: 1 pprn, 1 posthu, 1 ihu, 3+4 dc only hindmost developed to a seta, 0+4 acrs, 1+3 ia setulae, 1 pa, 1 anepisternal and 1 katepisternal, latter with vertical row of 4 short setulae down middle of sclerite.
PCORI began development of PCORnet with an initial investment of $93.5 million to support the development and expansion of 29 individual networks, a mix of health system-based Clinical Data Research Networks (CDRNs) and patient-organized Patient-Powered Research Networks (PPRNs), over an 18-month first phase that concludes in September 2015.